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The State, EPA, and DEC already consider parts of Dover, NY environmentally and financially disadvantaged. The town is now overburdened by dirty industrials and potentially more power & utility facilities projected for 2023 and beyond. Our goal is to raise awareness and remind residents that they have a right to participate in public town matters and voice any concerns they may have regarding these potential projects. 


Overburdened, environmental




with approx. 8,700 residents


1,100 MW Gas-Fired Power Plant


as well as a major pipeline, high voltage lines and a gas transmission facility


NEW potential

power & utility facilities

on the way...


some may be on land within a 1/2 mile of Dover High School


Grocery Stores, medical facilities, and town center

We are asking...

For our town representatives, including Supervisor Richard Yeno, Planning Board Chairman Ryan Courtien, and the Planning Board to not prioritize industrial infrastructure. We do not want to be home to a cluster of power facilities whether heavy or "light," as mentioned in the town's proposed Comprehensive Plan.  There is a mega cluster of industrials proposed for an area that is right near our schools, farms, and many residences. And it stands to continue to destroy the scenic drive through Cricket Hill. 


Supervisor Richard Yeno, Planning Board Chairman Ryan Courtien, and the Planning Board Members must prioritize the people of Dover, our health, our property values, and the environment. 

Put Dover Residents first.

Every minute the town spends on considering proposed industrial facilities is time that doesn't get spent prioritizing a grocery store and small business. We want to be a thriving community, with economic opportunity, protected natural resources, and engaged citizens. A community in which people want to live and raise their families.  Many of us drive out of Dover to do business, which means our money is being spent elsewhere. We ask the town to stop wasting time and tax dollars with power & utility companies. The majority of us don't need them, want them, nor feel that we tremendously benefit from them. 

The potential industrial facilities for Dover, NY: 

All project information was gathered using public records and the site

Land Usage Projects of Public Interest.

To the best of our knowledge, this information is accurate and up to date. If the Town would like to give us additional specifics we would be happy to update our information for the public. 



Status: Approved by the Dover Planning Board on 02/06/23on 

Located at 2238 Route 22  -  16.3 acres / 8.3+ utilized for the station, will be across from Cricket Valley Energy Center Gas Plant

New York Transco, a subsidiary of National Grid and Con Edison is proposing a substation facility, which would include:

  • (2) giant power towers, (3) transformer stations
    (9) tall lighting masts and heavy electrical equipment

  • High voltage power lines, strung across Cricket Hill Rd., connecting to the Con Edison power lines. 

NY Transco compares the size of the Dover station to the Con Edison East Fishkill Station.


The proposed site is a former dump that has never been properly remediated.

  • Transco has not proposed proper remediation of the site. 

  • The site is directly adjacent to The Great Swamp preserve, a National Historical Landmark and Critical Environmental Area, and Class I Wetland

    • The preserve has a fragile ecosystem and rare and endangered species.



Status: They are in the planning stage and in talks with the Town Board, submitted an EAF (an Environmental Assessment Form, the initial step in the application process) see HERE and a conceptual site plan see HERE

Located at 18 Vincent Road on an 18.4 -acre parcel - next to Cricket Valley Gas Plant

  • It is estimated that the facility will draw nearly 200,000 gallons of water per day from our aquifer, our only water source.

  • There are concerns about not only depleting the water source but contaminating it. 

  • The aquifer sits in a valley, which can lead to contamination from nearby polluted wells above the valley (i.e. the contaminated well at Dover High School), and nearby "dirty sites."

  • May use dirty grid power, to make Hydrogen to feed into the pipeline.

  • It is proposed that wastewater from the facility will be discharged into the Swamp River which connects to the Ten Mile River.

Enhancement by Compression

(ExC) Project


Status:  The DEC is accepting public comments regarding the project until February 22nd. Written comments can be e-mailed to

Located at 186 Dover Furnace Road, Iroquois Gas.

  • The project calls for an additional 12,000 hp gas-fired turbine  with associated cooling, filter separators, and other facilities connecting to Iroquois’ existing 24-inch- diameter mainline and expansion of the existing compressor station fence line within the property boundary. 

Iroquois is proposing to more than double the capacity of this site in our small town.



Status: The DEC is currently reviewing the renewal Title V/Air Permit for CVE. The renewal is subject to new laws enacted under CLCPA and amendments to the Environmental Conservation Law. These new laws are intended to reduce emissions, and protect communities like Dover that have been identified by New York State as “Disadvantaged Communities.”  Once the DEC review is complete, there will be a public comment period.

Located at 2241 Route 22. Dover, NY 12522

  • Cricket Valley Energy Center is a 1,100 mW gas-fired power plant. It was approved in 2012, and construction completed in 2019. The power plant began operations in 2020.

Map Dover.png

These sites aren’t near anything important, right?

The majority of these large power projects are within a 1/2 mile radius of our high school, homes, businesses, nature preserves & wetlands, and water sources. 


They’re also right next to The Great Swamp. It is a designated National Interior Landmark and a precious asset to our Town. 


Some of these proposed projects like NY Transco/Con Ed will involve heavy construction, drilling, blastings and disturbance of potentially toxic/contaminated soil which can create runoff into adjacent ditches, streams, wetlands, ponds, and our water wells.


Not to mention, we’ll have a major gas pipeline, natural gas transmission facility, critical high voltage lines, and a major power plant all in the same location. What if there was an accident or even an intentional attack? What would happen to us?  We currently operate under a Volunteer Fire Department  - while these events are considered rare, we should be fully prepared and feel that Dover should have a Full-time Fire Department paid for by power companies like Cricket Valley Energy. 

But what about our taxes, jobs and cheaper electricity?

This is a view from our neighbor's window on Cricket Hill...

If the planning board passes NY TRANSCO/ Con Ed, an unmanned electrical substation will be built right across the way. The view you see in the red outline will be comprised of the new substation and the billowing stacks right behind it. 

NY TRANSCO  has proposed installing:

  • (2) power towers

  • (3) 140-145 ft. transformer stations

  • (9) tall lighting masts and heavy electrical equipment

We are destroying the natural beauty of our town and compromising our property values. 

Did you know...

Often these facilities sign contracts and begin under one company and then switch hands once up and running - some of the deals struck with the town often get left by the wayside or don't make the transfer. Our town should be aware of those possibilities before giving final approval. 

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