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Birdseye view of Wingdale, NY


And we don't want to raise our families and conduct our business in a town that's home to a major cluster of power facilities. Dover does not belong to power & utility companies, it belongs to us. Let's stand together to ensure that Dover is a safe, healthy, free, and thriving.


We're a mix of moms, dads, teachers, farmers and local business owners - many of us are long-time residents of Dover and are concerned with the path our community is heading down with power & utility companies. 


A path where big companies have more authority over our town than we do. A path where dirty air, dirty water, a dirty power plant, and additional heavy industrials are dominant near our schools and homes. A path in which we, the residents, don’t have much say. 

That’s not liberty, we should have choices when it comes to whom we play host to. 

Our representatives, including the Town Supervisor, and our Planning Board, shouldn't waste another minute with industrial projects (our neighboring towns sure don't - and they're doing better than us). That lost time and tax dollars should be spent working with the right investors that will make our community better - by creating a prosperous town center and bringing in grocery stores, shopping, and other services we desperately need. 

We're on a mission to bring our neighbors together, raise awareness and remind residents that they have a right to participate in public town matters and voice any concerns they may have regarding these potential projects with our town officials. 


Yes, we are concerned but we are also motivated. Motivated to ensure that residents have a strong voice in the future of our community, not big power and utility companies. Motivated to ensure that our streams, rivers, soil, and air are clean and always preserved for future generations. 


Join the rest of us in protecting Dover. Ways to help

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