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We've received counsel from lawyers, neighboring town officials, and environmental justice experts. Together, we have lots of questions, many still answered by the project applicant and planning board.

We urge you to ask the town these questions as well. If enough of us ask, maybe they will answer. 

  • Consider the Environmental Justice impacts. Dover is considered an environmentally and financially disadvantaged town. Transco has argued this subject, and our Town Planner must consider the existing cumulative negative impacts, and include the public in the decision-making process.

  • A moratorium on any new energy infrastructure projects until the existing facilities' environmental, health and safety effects are known/studied further (i.e. air, noise, and light pollution from Cricket Valley Energy) on the Town and residents. And until the Town of Dover Master/Comprehensive Plan revisions are completed to ensure this project is in line with the plan. Other considerations to enact a moratorium include the recent legislation S1031 and S8830, and also recent action in Washington.

  • It is estimated that the facility will draw nearly 200,000 gallons of water per day from our aquifer, our only water source. There are concerns about not only depleting the water source but contaminating it. 

  • It is proposed that wastewater from the facility will be discharged into the Swamp River which connects to the Ten Mile River.

  • Evaluation of the current facilities and infrastructure. We are not aware of any part of the state where this amount of infrastructure intersects (major gas pipeline, natural gas transmission facility, critical high voltage lines, major power plant). What if there was an accident or even an intentional attack? What would happen to us? Can our First Responders handle it?

  • Evaluate the long-term future of our Town for the next generations. Is this industrial mess something we what to leave for our children, and grandchildren? Does Dover want to be the place where all these projects end up?

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