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Enhancement by Compression (ExC) Project

We've received counsel from lawyers, neighboring town officials, and environmental justice experts.  Together, we have lots of questions, many still un-answered.

We urge you to ask the Town these questions as well. If enough of us ask, maybe they will answer. 



Most residents know of the Iroquois Natural Gas Pipeline that runs through our town. But most people do not know of the Iroquois Compression Station. Along the 414-mile pipeline there are facilities with turbines which help the flow of natural gas through the pipes. These stations also allow for “blowdowns” to remove pressure to prevent a fire or explosive incident. These types of facilities can potentially be dangerous, and contribute to the existing pollution burdens in our town. The proposed project would double the size and capacity of the project to provide more natural gas downstate with no benefits to our town.


Questions & Concerns: 

  • It is proposed to be located 2,500ft from Dover Middle and High School. 

  • The facility would be located across the road from an area identified by New York State as a Disadvantaged Community. Iroquois claims that there will be no impact to the DAC because they are located 685 feet away. Pollution does not know boundaries, and the impact to our overburdened town will be significant.

  • DEC and Gov. Hochul must consider NYS’ climate and energy goals to aggressively reduce fossil fuels. This project is contrary to the goals as it increases supply of natural gas.

  • Evaluate the long-term future of our Town for the next generations. Are these industrials something we want to leave for our children, and grandchildren? Does Dover want to be the place where all these projects end up?

  • Documents for the project can be found HERE under “Applications & Filings.”

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