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We've been following these projects for well over a year now and have done a ton of research and received council from lawyers,  neighboring town officials, and experts in environmental justice. The templates below have a list of the same questions we've been trying to get answers to from not just the project applicant's, but more importantly our town officials - specifically the Planning Board. 

The town needs your comments by February 1, 2023 @ 3:30PM.

Here's some guidance for a letter in response to NY Transco and where to email it to:

Dear Supervisor Richard Yeno, Chairman Ryan Courtien, and Planning Board Members, 


I am writing in response to the proposed New York Transco/ Con Edison Electrical Substation at 2238 Route 22, Dover Plains, NY. I am formally objecting to this project for the following reasons:


  • It will have a negative environmental impact on the Great Swamp Preserve and watershed, nearby farms, schools, businesses, and residences.


  • It will disturb an un-remediated toxic dump/junkyard site and potentially contaminate nearby water sources and soil. These sites should be remediated properly. 


  • It will negatively impact property values in the area.


  • The facility does not provide any meaningful employment opportunities or supply energy to the local community.


  • It increases the threat of a catastrophic accident or security breach with its proximity to existing large-scale power facilities, including Cricket Valley Energy, the Iroquois Gas Pipeline, and high voltage Con Edison lines, among others.


  • Include any other concerns you may have                                                                                                                   

I, along with my fellow neighbors in the Town of Dover, have legitimate concerns about adding yet another power facility to an area that is already overburdened with these facilities. We ask that you take our concerns seriously while evaluating the application from New York Transco and ask them to seek out another location that is better suited for this facility.



Check out our additional questions and concerns for Transco as well. We encourage you to research as well as view town hall docs and add what you feel is important. 


Email your letter to:

Ryan Courtien, Planning Board Chairman:

Richard Yeno, Town Supervisor:

Marilyn Van Millon, Secretary:

Tamar Roman, Planning Board Member:

Henry Williams, Planning Board Member:
William Sedor, Planning Board Member:
Michael Villano, Planning Board Member:

Valerie Larobardier, Planning Board  Member:


Feel free to cc' us at:

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